A Dedicated Ode

There’s no better ‘pick me up’ than the aroma of a deliciously prepared food. I mean, let’s face it, food is an integral part of living. But then, not just any food, I’m talking about the kind of food that makes you shed tears of joy. One that makes you wonder at the ingeniousity of long dead homosapiens about the discovery of certain foods. I believe, y’all know where I’m going with this, (cues internal drumroll) – Jollof rice!!
It’s quite popular in most West African countries, especially in Nigeria. Here in my beloved country, any attack made on Jollof rice, equates as an attack to all. It is our national duty to defend the delicacy that has been there for us throughout the ups and downs of several special occasions ranging from birthday parties, weddings, naming ceremonies and so on. Any form of special gathering without the presence of this food, is considered an abominable act. Let’s not forget the day, Lai Mohammed (a politician in Nigeria) tried to drag the respected image of the Nigerian jollof through the mud. He was not prepared for the kind of tongue lashing he received.

I know it’s been in existence for a long while but then, thanks to social media platforms like twitter and instagram, we get to sing praises of this ‘legend’. It even led to Jollof wars on the internet. Jollof rice has gone from being just a food prepared at parties to become what speaks to most people on a ‘spiritual level’ (permit my theatrics). I mean, just picture a steaming hot plate of jollof rice, blessed with the presence of their royal highnesses,fried chicken and beef; let’s not forget to add fish to the mix and probably, a spoonful of coleslaw. A typical cloud nine kind of feeling, I tell ya!

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Author: Ashabi

A researcher, freelance writer, transcriber and editor. A budding poet. Loves moderate fun. I love Jazz, dogs and reading a lot of books. Welcome to The Tattletale.

3 thoughts on “A Dedicated Ode”

  1. Now that’s one passionate write up on food, this makes me hungry. Being an afrocinema watcher once in a while, I’ve definitely heard of jollof rice, I hope to have a taste ooo, sounds very delicious, I’m suddenly hungry. Cheers!

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