Burning Out

I don’t know if sometimes, you also feel like you’re tired of everything and overwhelmed. It’s more like some sort of lethargy sneaks up on you and bam! you lose the zeal to live. One moment, you’re happy and the next, you’re sad. Or worst still, you’re attacked by bouts of anxiety and you’re disillusioned about everything. This indicates that your stressors have been pushed to the wall, which leads me to chronic stress syndrome

Chronic Stress sets in when your stressors have been mismanaged. It might also be a result of experiencing a traumatic event. Some people experience burn out at their jobs, they just start losing touch with their initial source of happiness. It’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately as it takes severe emotional toll. People suffering from this syndrome are prone to insomnia, anxiety, depression, weakened immune system and even heart disease. Its like the queen of all “burn outs”. And it’s like you didn’t even ask for this. You didn’t ask for your neurons to misbehave ; as too much of acetylcholine is associated with depression and too little is associated with dementia. I think the most scary feeling is not having any form of control over what’s happening to you, your body, just to watch it happen. It’s like being a visitor in your own home; to be held hostage by your own body and being hopeless to stop it. Well, almost hopeless. Certain activities like exercising, you know, physical activities that serve as therapy. Also, there are psychiatrists that can help with this. And here is where I make a special shout out to my fellow Africans, especially Nigerians, ‘see therapists!!!’ We’ve got to let go of the belief that ‘only the mentally disturbed consults a therapist’. Mentally disturbed in my country consists of people walking around in tattered clothes and drug addicts only (sighs dramatically). We’re human beings with blood in our veins and neurons that occasionally go crazy, so kindly lay down the idea of ‘blacks don’t crack’ for a bit and open your eyes to the larger picture. And see that, either Black or Caucasian, y’all crack.

And Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Author: Ashabi

A researcher, freelance writer, transcriber and editor. A budding poet. Loves moderate fun. I love Jazz, dogs and reading a lot of books. Welcome to The Tattletale.

5 thoughts on “Burning Out”

  1. I think I felt like that for a small time about a month or so, the aftermath were longer lasting, several decades. I recovered as I got to be brought up by loving and thoughtful parents. A close family member suffers from depression and anxiety. I don’t understand it, get very impatient with it at times but I accept and respect it. I did not know about such a hard life in Nigeria. But I am hopeful, if each one of us just tries to help two people, within a year or two we may see a vast difference.

    Consider this. Take a sheet of paper 1 milimeter thick. Fold it, now it is 2 mm thick, fold it again, it becomes 4 mm thick. How many times do you need to fold it so that thickness is 1 mile ? Work it out, the answer will surprise you. Reality is so full of surprises, we need to manage it well.

    Love and Merry Christmas

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